• Model: NP26024
    UPC: 859777007282

The NP-26024 AC power distribution unit offers 20 Amps, 120 Volt capacity in a single rack mount cabinet. The built in power meter has (8) different displays, showing Volt, Amps, Watt, VA, Frequency, Power Factor, Kilowatts and KW per hour. Offers horizontal or vertical power distribution in rack mount, raceway or workbench applications. Sturdy all-metal extruded aluminum housing stands up to demanding network, laboratory or factory environments. Unfiltered electrical pass-through and lighted switch. Ideal for distributing alternate waveform UPS or generator power in rack enclosures, network closets and more. Includes 15 foot AC power cord, 20 Amp circuit breaker and a 2-Year Warranty.

There is a lighted LCD Volt Meter to let technicians know exactly how much power is being drawn before they plug in additional equipment.


LCD Displays the Following:
Volts 95.0~125 Vrms 0.2%
Amps 0.00~15.0 Amps 0.3%
Watts 1875 Watt 0.5%
VA 1875 VA 0.5%
Frequency 47.0~63.0Hz +/- 0.1Hz
Power Factor 0.00~1.00 0.01%
KWh 0.00~9999 .5%
KWh Hour 0.00~9999 30ppm


  • Overall Length: 60.5 in
  • Number of Receptacles: 24
  • Cord Length: 15 ft
  • Mounting Type: (3) Flat mounting brackets
  • Approval: UL Approved
  • Maximum Rating: 60Hz, 20A, 120V
  • Housing: Brushed Aluminum
  • Type of Receptacle: 5-20R (20A 125V) Black Outlet
  • Circuit Breaker: 20 Amp
  • Cord Type: 12/3 SJT
  • Type of Plug: 5-20P-(20A 125V) Straight Blade / INCLUDED FREE: Straight Blade to Twist Lock Jumper
  • Color of Cord: Black
  • Cord Location: Exits the rear of the housing
  • Switch: None
  • Display: LCD with backlight
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 60.5 x 1.75 x 2 (LxDxW) (outlet side)

*Specifications subject to change and without notice.

Note: 20 Amp plugs DO NOT FIT 15 Amp outlets. 15 Amp is typical for a residence.

This power strip WILL NOT work in your residence.


  • NP-26024 Power Strip
  • Straight Blade to Twist Lock Jumper

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -